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Second Camp “Formulo de Integreco”

The Euler Foundation and Saint Petersburg State University announce the realization of the second International Mathematical Camp “Formulo de Integreco” (see the general description and history of the program here).

The camp will take place from 15 to 31 July 2013, in a recreation center “Parus” (Leningrad region, Losevo community), that is situated on the side of the Lake Sukhodolskoye (100 km to the north of St. Petersburg). Accommodation will be in rooms for 2-4 person in warm buildings, that undergone restoration. Facilities are available at every floor.

The program of the camp includes:

  • solution of “Olympiad type” problems;
  • mathematical battles and other types of mathematical games;
  • “introducing to the profession” (popular lectures on some branches of modern mathematics);
  • work on research projects;
  • collective creative events in teams of mixed age;
  • international communications;
  • sport activities and swimming;
  • excursions to Saint Petersburg and Vyborg.

    The basic working language is English.

    We invite schoolchildren of 14-17 years old who are interested in mathematics and creative work. It can be of interest for those who like to discover some new in the world around and inside themselves. The expected number of participants is around 80 persons, including schoolchildren from Russia, Spain and other countries.

    The participants are to pay the fee in equivalent of 2000 USD. A special discount fee is established for:
    - students of partner organizations of Euler Foundation;
    - winners of the Olympiad “Formulo de Integreco”;
    - successful participants of the previous camp “Formulo de Integreco”.

    The participants will be selected on the competitive base. Here are the main criteria which organising committee will take into account:
    – participation in mathematical circles and summer Mathematical Camps;
    – the results in Mathematical Olympiads;
    – recommendation letters from teachers;
    – skills in foreign languages;
    – place of residence (preference will be given mainly to schoolchildren, who live in a small town or inhabited locality).

    The Euler Foundation accepts the applications from parents of schoolchildren, who want to take part in the camp, until 31 March 2013.

    Applications should be send by e-mail to fdi-application@imi.ras.ru.

    Please do not hesitate to send any questions to the Organizing committee of the camp by electronic mail fdi@imi.ras.ru.

    The same text in Spanish.



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